World Entities


#1: ent_gate [MESH]
Field Type Range
Subtype enum Default - World portal
Non-Local - Connect between different worlds
Destination entity_target or string target portal or two portals (in different worlds) with the same string

Spawn Point

#2: ent_spawn [MESH, EMPTY]
Field Type Range
Alias string start for spawn priority, empty, or any string to be used with the command:
respawn <string>

Routing Path

#3: ent_route_node [CURVE]
NOTE:You should use an order 3 path type. Any amount of subcurves are
allowed. The endpoints of the curves are the connecting points between other
pathing elements.
Field Type Range
Alias string start for spawn priority, empty, or any string to be used with the command:
respawn <string>

Skate Course

#4: ent_route [EMPTY]
Field Type Range
Colour rgba32F determines the routing line colour
Checkpoints array[ MESH:ent_gate ] List of entry gates that form the track
Must all be in one Blender collection.

Water Surface

#5: ent_water [EMPTY, MESH]
One per level. Used to determine the reflection plane.


#6: ent_volume [EMPTY]
Field Type Range
Subtype Enum Trigger - Player Trigger
Particles (0.1s) - Spawn particle randomly every 0.1s
Target MESH,EMPTY:any Entity to call the trigger function for.


#7: ent_audio [EMPTY,MESH]
Field Type Range
Format Enum Uncompressed Mono - Store compressed on disk, uncompressed in memory
Compressed Vorbis - Always compressed, stereo signal
[vg] Bird Synthesis - Government spy drones (WIP)
Volume f32 volume to play audio


Field Type Range
Max Channels u32 Specifies the limit of instances of this audio player
Behaviour Enum Unlimited - Create as many instances as possible up until the engine limit (64)
Discard if group full - Doesnt play when triggered, if at limit
Crossfade if group full - Pick an active sound from same group to fade with. Temporarily creates an extra channel while fading
Group ID u16 0-25565 (Don't use values: 1 or 26)
Transition Time f32 If a crossfade is used, this is the duration


Field Type Range
3D Audio bool Play with spacialization, or 2D? Falloff distance is the scale of the object in blender. Yellow rings signify 100% falloff.
No Doppler bool Disable doppler effect for this instance
Loop bool Go back to the start of the sound file instead of being killed
Play at start bool Begin playing automatically at world load
Probability Curve enum Constant - No effect
Wildlife Day - Most chance to run during the day, and sunset/rise
Wildlife Night - Most chance to run during the night


Formats Accepted
Uncompressed, Compressed Stereo path: sound/<filename>.ogg
44100hz, ogg Vorbis only.
[vg] Bird Synth Binary string. Undocumented.


#8: ent_marker [EMPTY,MESH]
Field Type Range
Alias string any value

Traffic Model

#11: ent_traffic [MESH]
Follows the nearest ent_route_node cyclically
Field Type Range
speed f32 >0.0f


#12: ent_skateshop [EMPTY]


#13: ent_camera <INTRINSIC[ CAMERA ]>
Blender camera

Workshop Preview

#14: ent_swspreview [EMPTY]
One per map
Field Type Range
Board Display EMPTY:ent_marker Where to render board
Board Display (other side) EMPTY:ent_marker Where to render board, but upside-down
Viewpoint CAMERA:ent_camera Camera which can see both preview locations

World Info

#16: ent_worldinfo [EMPTY]
One per map
Field Type Range
Name (unused) string
Description (unused) string
Author (unused) string
Timezone (+hrs) f32 relative to 0:00 UTC, time zone where this map is.


#17: ent_ccmd [EMPTY]
Field Type Range
Command Line string string to give to the command processor to run when triggered

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