Installing exporter addon

Skaterift comes with the addon in its game files, we just need to install it. This addon script gets updated between skaterift versions. Here are the steps to install it into Blender:

Go to edit>preferences, and open the addons section.

Press the install... button at the top right, and browse to the Skaterift game files. Inside the folder named tools is the script to install.

If you don't know where it is, you can go into your Steam Library, and rightclick Skaterift, selecting Manage>Browse local files.

Now search for Skaterift .mdl exporter from the addons list, and enable it.

If installed correctly you should see this:

About Compiling

The compiler window is found in the 3D viewport by pressing N and finding the Skate Rift tab, here is where you can setup the options for compiling.

When you compile it will create a .mdl file. This can be placed in the maps folder of the Skate Rift game files.

Skate Rift addon will pickup sub-collections on the /export/ collection in blender as models to compile. When you are making content you should also enabled the Pack Textures option. So make sure in your scene outliner you have:

 / Scene collection
 L export
    L your_content
      L mesh.001
      L mesh.002
      L empty

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