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csRadar Manual

csRadar operates on a plugin based model, currently the only supported plugin is the 'csr_substance' module. Work is underway to port the entirety of TAR into a new plugin, with a GUI.

Rendering targets:
The following usage will render three output pairs, the visgroups 'layout', 'cover', and things with the classname 'func_buyzone'


	./csRadar my_map.vmf -g "/path_to_csgo/gameinfo.txt" layout cover func_buyzone


	csRadar.exe my_map.vmf -g "C:\path_to_csgo\gameinfo.txt" layout cover func_buyzone

This covers basic usage, for more detailed information run csRadar with --help


csr_substance (default)

This plugin is designed for use in Substance Designer, and outputs 2 buffers per target:
 - c32f(.pfm) A position buffer (RG=Brush/entity origin in UV space, B=Real Height)
 - rgba8(.tga) Normal map / mask buffer (RGB=Normal, A=Mask)

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