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TAR 2.5 - Manual

Specify the layout in hammer by adding brushes to a visgroup named 'tar_layout', and Auto Radar will do the rest.

 - Some GPU drivers have issues with the FXAA shader. If the radar is cut half way or completely black, you should change the anti-aliasing mode in the tar-config entity.
 - Instances and Func_details do not show up as part of layout groups!!

This tool requires Visual C++ 2017 redistributables, you can donwload them here (both should be installed if Auto Radar won't start):

 - vc_redist.x64.exe (64 bit)
 - vc_redist.x86.exe (32 bit)

Builds can be downloaded from the main software page of my website.
Run the AutoRadar_installer.exe to copy all the necessary files into the correct locations. (Make sure hammer is closed)


Report any issues to: hgodden00@gmail.com


Add a tar_config entity to your map. This defines your radars settings. It is not needed, but allows you to customize it.

Visgroups / Entities

Brushes, displacements, entity brushes and prop_statics which are inside visgroups with these names will change the final radar in different ways. The only one required is `tar_layout` and should define your maps playable space.

  Visgroup name  | What it does
   tar_layout    |  specifies the layout of the map (the floor)
   tar_mask      |  brushes that should subtract from the layout of the map, use this on walls
   tar_cover     |  brushes that should show up as cover in the radar
   tar_overlap   |  Brushes that should show up as two level overlaps

  Entity name      | What it does
   tar_min         |  minimum height value of the map (place it at the lowest part of your map)
   tar_max         |  maximum height value (place it at the top of your map)
   tar_map_divider |  Seperates your map on the up axis, and will generate multi level radars
   tar_color       |  Use many of these entities (on the up axis) to create your own gradient
                   |  set tar_config's gradient to 'use auto gradient entities'


The AutoRadar installer set up a new compile profile in the 'expert' mode. Enter the compile mode, and select [TAR] Generate Radar from the list. The hit Go!

- Headers from the amazing STB collection: https://github.com/nothings/stb
- cxxopts: https://github.com/jarro2783/cxxopts

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